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Works with everything

It looks beautiful in your desktop. It also works in your iPad and iPhone without compromising a single feature. Truly removing the gap between desktop and mobile.

Nothing to install

Forget about installing, upgrading or maintaining expensive software and equipments. Odonto.me lives in the cloud, always ready to be used and always up to date.

Appointments done right

The core of our platform. Our rich and powerful datebook not only allows you to manage multiple practices at once, it also shows you its activity by doctor if you wish.

Developer friendly

We understand you may require more from Odonto.me. That is why we have included an API for you to interact with and expand the platform to fit your needs.

Next generation reminders

We are fully integrated with Apple's Passbook. Your patients will never forget an appointment again. Also, let's face it, you will look cool. Not an iOS user? We'll remind them by email as well.


We take security very seriously. You can rest assured your information will be safe in our cloud. Everything is periodically backed up and locked in a safe place.

Easy to use

With so many advanced features, what really makes Odonto.me shine is the simplicity of everything. Making something simple is very complex, we took care of that for you.


Embrace the power of data. With Odonto.me you will be able to keep tabs on everything. How is my practice performing? Who is the doctor with the most work? We got all that and many more.

Meet the team

These are the people responsible for everything you see and use in Odonto.me.

Raul Riera

Founder and main developer.

Xavier Sanchez

Main designer and illustrator.

Esteban Barragan

Advisor. Dentist at Bokanova Dental Center.

Ismael Fernandez

Advisor. Dentist at Dentifels.